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What's up, faglettos?

2009-11-06 16:21:56 by Acid-Animations

Didn't quite get round to making (or even starting) that philosophical animation; but a shool-shooting one has been in the works for some time now, and I'm just adding small bits whenever I get a little rush of creativty -- those are rare these days. EXPECT THINGS QUITE SOON.

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By the way; I'm not against the use of cannabis, I just thought the video was amusing.

The Eye of a Thousand Mushrooms.

2009-04-24 19:16:55 by Acid-Animations

So I'm all done on my current animations. Finally decided to scrap GFBS (and still submit what was of it), and finished my collaborative piece for Columbine Massacre Collab. So I've done funny, serious, trippy and rampageous; so next I'm probably doing philosophical... a philosophical animation I mean. Also, I just ingested God. What else is new?

Green Fly, Brown Soup

2008-10-26 15:54:30 by Acid-Animations

An animation currently in production by moi.
*Update* - So here's a screenshot (it's about 20% done):

Green Fly, Brown Soup